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VestaCP: Create a SubDomain

Subdomains are an aesthetically pleasing way to add more websites to your server without having to purchase additional domains.

VestaCP: Install WordPress

Often associated with blogging, WordPress can be used to create beautiful websites that include but are not exclusive to; Corporate Websites, Online Stores, Magazines and many more.

VestaCP: Setup a CRON job

Cron jobs help automize certain commands that need to run regularly, this ensures everything runs smoothly.

VestaCP: Add a Database

Databases are used by most web applications such as "Wordpress", "Django", "Matomo", and many others to store information in tables so that the application can reference it later.

VestaCP: Add a Mail Account

Using VestaCP, you can add mail accounts, databases, Cron jobs, and a whole lot more with just a few clicks. In this post, we will learn how to add a mail account.

Install VestaCP on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

VestaCP is a control panel that is opensource and free, which makes it perfect for our use case.
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